A Prophetic Word for 2017

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This time of year always seems rife with prophetic words for a new year. As well, there seems to be an endless flow of opinions, postulations and speculations – forecasts and predictions, along with real news and fake news. If there was ever a time to be discerning, it is now. We need to remind ourselves that information is not wisdom, nor does ability or giftedness equal spiritual or psychological maturity. Prophetic words, in order to be ‘prophetic’, need to come from God, the Holy Spirit. Whether it is a prophetic word, picture, vision, dream or sense, it is not the prophet’s voice that gives the words life but rather the voice of God. And when it is God who is speaking, not only is there a witness in our spirits but also some kind of measurable result, over time, confirming that what was given was indeed the word of the Lord. There should be no argument: social media is changing the world (or at least changing speed and coverage of the way in which the peoples of the world are communicating). This change is true for Christians, too. Social media, which by nature is neither good nor bad, is…

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Misinterpreting the Moment

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  Have you ever wondered if you made the mistake of misinterpreting the moment? When your response to something you had seen or heard was based on a spurious interpretation of the moment? Even though most of these moments go unnoticed, often they leave us feeling embarrassed and a bit awkward!

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So What About Easter?

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So what about Easter? For Christians around the world, it is a time when we remember the death and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It would seem for the rest of the world that it has become a three-day weekend filled with chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies. I’m not really surprised that non-Christians would take an opportunity to have something to celebrate. I don’t mean that in a cynical kind of way. Just that, from my observation, any opportunity to celebrate seems to be a good one: Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Hallowe’en, St. Patrick’s Day, whatever, take your pick, all of the above. I’m not really bothered by this because I remember before I became a Christian I used anything as an excuse to party! And so, I really understand why the rest of the world would celebrate Easter. I guess what I’m really saying is that Easter has become something other than a Christian tradition. Much like Christmas, really. More and more a marketing retail opportunity, taking advantage of what I’ve already said, that the world wants to celebrate something and the retail industry will take every opportunity to help, regardless of what the holiday is…

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Jesus’ Return: What about the next generation?

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Last week I received a couple of emails with links to messages concerning Jesus’ imminent return. Truthfully, I can’t think of any “breaking news” that could be better! To think that tomorrow, Jesus is going to appear with the angelic hosts, coming on the clouds in the fullness of His glory as King of Kings and Lord of Lords! What a day that will be – the last day, in fact, as we know it. There were, however, a few things I found disturbing about this “good news”. Those bringing it concluded that because of the shortness time there was no need to raise up the next generation. In fact, one commentator insisted emphatically, “…don’t waste your time!” Hmmm. Unwise advice, if you ask me. History shows that in every generation since Jesus’ ascension there have been so-called prophetic voices announcing the Lord’s second coming. Just for the record, so far, they have ALL been wrong! So, where does that leave us? Well, I for one DEFINITELY believe that Jesus is coming back, because the Bible tells me so. But I think that we should leave the day and the hour up to Father God, don’t you? Here’s what Jesus…

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The Feeling vs. Thinking Question

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This morning I sat down at my computer with, of course, my coffee in hand and, after waking it up from its sleep, I was staring at a Facebook page that said, “How are you feeling, Mark?”.  It was as if somebody sitting right in front of me was asking me the question. I found myself thinking of an answer, and, even worse, not being able to come up with one. And then it dawned on me: It was the wrong question! If the computer had asked me, “What are you thinking right now, Mark?”, I would  have quickly answered with a paragraph or two on my thoughts for the day. For whatever reason, I wasn’t thinking yet about how I was feeling; rather I was thinking about what I was thinking. Years ago when I was taking counselling training in grad school I was taught that people can generally be sorted into two simple groups: They are either thinkers or feelers. If you ask a thinking person how they are feeling, it’s likely that you won’t get much of a response. Similarly, if you ask a feeling person what they are thinking, they may find it difficult to express…

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I believe, Lord

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I have always thought it would be fun to walk on water, like Peter did. But I don’t need to walk on water in order to believe in Jesus. I don’t need to see another miracle to be convinced that he is the Son of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, who died on a cross for the sins of the world, and who God the Father raised from the dead on the third day. No, I don’t really need to see another sign or wonder in order to believe or follow Jesus. In fact, Jesus said,  Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. John 20:29 Having said this, however, I can’t wait to see another of the miracles or signs or wonders that Jesus is going to do, specifically that he’s going to do through us who really believe. Why? Because when we do these things, in Jesus’ name, through the authority he has given us, then we are doing the will of the Father and drawing attention to his son. But for what other good reason should we, as believers, want to…

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Jesus’ Return: Is He Coming Back Soon?

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From the gospels and epistles we know that Jesus is going to return one day. Most commonly referred to as the “Second Coming”, this is a widely embraced truth throughout Christendom, though not without debate. My question is this: is his return imminent? Jesus made it clear that although we should take note of the signs that his return is soon approaching, no one except the Father knows the day or hour of his return. Well, now, that makes things a bit tricky, doesn’t it!  Be prepared, watch for the signs but, ultimately, no one will know or be able to predict exactly when he is coming back. In fact, when he does return, it will be at a time that we least expect.  Here’s how Jesus said it: So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him. Matt. 24:44 Predicting Jesus’ return, however, is not really what this is about, as if knowing the when of his return could better prepare us for it, albeit at the last minute.  No, in knowing that he will one day return without knowing the when, we are faced with…

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What About These Five-Folders? Today’s Apostles

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Talk of returning to the five-fold ministry of Ephesians 4 is certainly not new.  The history of Christianity is peppered with reformers and reformations. Among believers it is a subject that resurfaces from time to time, often with great passion and conviction.  Over my last 25+ years of ministry we have seen a re-embracing of the prophetic to where there is now a level of comfort in talking about prophetic gifts and ministries, and even those we call prophets. And then there is the gift of apostle, more commonly referred to as apostolic ministry.  We have come a long way. Whereas once upon a time apostolic ministry was rarely mentioned, now we talk openly about such things and, even speak of those who are modern day apostles. In fact, in the 90’s (1990’s that is!) there seemed to be self-proclaimed apostles popping up all over the place. Whether they were the real deal is certainly not something I am going make a call on, except to say I did notice that there appeared to be a lot of ‘wannabes’ who overtime were unable to produce sustainable apostolic fruit. (By the way, I am not picking on anyone in particular, as…

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Becoming Mature, Attaining to the Whole Measure of the Fulness of Christ!

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I have no confusion with regard to my conclusion about Ephesians 4 being a Biblical model, if not the model, for a gifted, appointed, God-anointed group of individuals who, by their Christ-given gifts, are “to prepare God’s people for works of service” v.12. When this bunch of preparers (who I will herein refer to as Five-folders) fulfill their divinely commissioned task faithfully, the results will be staggering, i.e., the body of Christ will be built up, reaching unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God, becoming mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fulness of Christ! It equally seems clear to me, as it does to so many others, that in order for this result to come to pass, it will require something supernatural to happen, that is, not just the exercise of natural talents along with the cleverness of the mind, but a demonstration of the Spirit’s power to radically change our lives – individually, and even more so, corporately. Any other kind of effort to accomplish the same result, if it could, would only serve to lessen our sense of value of what it means to attain to the whole measure of…

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Five-Fold Ministry?

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And so, what about this five-fold ministry of Ephesians 4? Since Jesus appointed some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be pastors, some to be teachers, some to be evangelists, then why is it that in most local churches leaders are pastors who perhaps teach, and elders who perhaps are mature enough and wise enough to be recognized as such? Of course, the fact that we call local church leaders “pastors” does not really tell us anything, except that they have likely been appointed to manage a branch of the local church. In the most general sense, “the pastor” is the leader even if the pastor does not have the gift of pastoring. Confusing, right? For the sake of clarification, the Bible portrays pastoring as a gift given to those who have been called by God to shepherd the flock. They may be leaders, or perhaps not, but they know how to care for people with the love and compassion of God. Teachers, on the other hand, are those who have been gifted to teach. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, we often call these individuals pastors, too. Now it’s getting really confusing! And then of course we…

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