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Without Mark and Jane, I could not have remained here, walking out God’s call on my life. If you have fought in the trenches, then you can appreciate the wisdom of those that have fought and come out on the other side, possessing that which you have not yet obtained.

What you can receive from people is more than what they teach. Who they are is the sum of all they have ever been through, and you can’t get that from watching a sermon on YouTube. You have to have a relationship with those people to fully receive who they are and what they carry.

Mark and Jane are those rare people of spiritual stature who are willing to offer their gifts in a relational package. Few in the Church have role models within their actual sphere of life. Generic ministry and generic prophecy are easy to come by and cost you nothing to get. When you see Mark in action, you’ll see true spiritual authority.

We often think about the Kingdom from a church-based perspective. As Mark says in his second book, he shifted from a “church-based kingdom” to a “kingdom-based church.” I can testify that Mark and Jane have a laser focus on the true substance of the Kingdom, apart from ministry structures, programs, and paradigms.

For this reason, they could help any ministry make this shift, or navigate any transition for that matter. Mark would be invaluable in leadership development, equipping young people in ministry school, or serving in an advisory role to a leadership team.

I can endorse Mark and Jane 100%.

A missionary in Asia


To say that Mark Banyard’s life and ministry have had an impact on my life, and the direction of our community, would be an understatement of massive proportions. This may sound like hyperbole, but it is nothing of the sort. 

I will start with the wording of my above statement. I referred to Mark’s “ministry”, and while this term is not in any way inappropriate, Mark would be the first to tell you that the ministry isn’t his. It is, and always has been, the Lord’s. He has had one consistent message as long as I have known him: KINGDOM!! And since meeting Mark in 2005 the message he carries about advancing God’s Kingdom (rather than man’s structures) has shifted the bullseye for our community in a way that has focused what we do in Japan.

This emphasis on what Christ is building in us and through us brings a freedom in the Spirit that has grown our passion for the word, worship, fellowship and prayer. We are Christ’s people, His body and His dwelling place. His desire is for us and He wants to flow through us. It is a thrilling truth that, when fully unveiled, compels and empowers us to walk in full authority as sons and daughters of the Most High. Our community here in Japan has been marked by this revelation so strongly that it helps us to awaken every day with the reality that we are loved and called to walk in destiny and purpose. 

I fully commend Mark Banyard as a man who carries this reality in his DNA. He has the authority to impart this revelation and the character to live it out. Not only has he been a mentor in my life, he is also a dear friend whom I trust with my heart.

David J. McDaniel, Youth With A Mission, Tokyo, Japan

Mark and Jane have come several times to our Church, and each time, they have been used of the Lord, to bring a prophetic perspective that is accurate, clear, and very encouraging. With that encouragement, they have imparted blessing, and ministered to us in a variety of ways that has brought lasting impact to so many. They also have been a great source of counsel to us as pastors, and to our staff and team, that has endeared them to us all.

Pastors David and Linda Dishroon, Changepoint Church, Tauranga, New Zealand.

Mark Banyard is a clear prophetic teaching gift in the Body of Christ today. He is a ‘herald’ calling the Church in its role to expand God’s Kingdom in these challenging times. His authority come from not only from his surrendered walk with Jesus Christ and sound biblical understanding, but also from years of experience in diverse cultural situations and genuine moves of the Holy Spirit. I have known Mark & his wife Jane over recent decades both serving in New Zealand and Asia. I commend their lives and strategic gifting for such a time as this.

David Cole, YWAM Global Movement elder, Tauranga, New Zealand

Mark & Jane’s visits are one of our highlights of the year for our church family. Each year they leave us encouraged and challenged to pursue our call with passion and purpose. They always minister deeply with great prophetic insight.  We are truly grateful for the ministry investment Mark and Jane continue to sow into both our church and personal lives.

Wes & Caroline Smith, Aspire church, Nelson, New Zealand

I am eternally grateful to the Lord for the Heart of the Father that Pastor Mark and Sister Jane have extended to the lives of people that God has brought to them. It is the revelation that brings the transformation within a person. They demonstrate the power of God through the living  word in response to their obedience to Christ. Pastor Mark is courageous and bold with the revelation and the truth that he releases brings inspiration, correction, conviction and freedom to lives.

Linia Anirudhan, Grace Assembly, Malaysia

We have been delighted to receive the Banyard’s  ministry here in our region of Tairawhiti. Mark and Jane’s annual visit is looked forward to by many of the Churches in our City. Each year Mark has brought the word of the Lord with accuracy, sensitivity and clarity. This has helped to propel us forward into the destiny that Christ has for us here at the ends of the earth. We live in days that are complex and challenging for the local Faith Community and Marks insight and understanding of the Word and the work of the Holy Spirit is outstanding. We have no hesitation of recommending this ministry to you.

Guthrie Boyd, Senior Pastor, Gisborne Assembly of God

Tairawhiti, New Zealand

Jan & I want to take the opportunity to commend Mark & Jane Banyard to you. We have known them & appreciated their friendship for over 25 years – in that time we have also highly valued the ministry they have brought in two of the churches we have pastored.

Mark & Jane carry an anointing to see prophetically into nations as well as local congregations & individuals. We have found in them a rare mix of Kingdom insight & a spiritual passion to see the Church revived & local communities transformed by the Gospel.

Mark & Jane are always welcome among our people – they consistently bring an anointed  word for the season & always leave a deposit of hunger for more of Jesus. We are grateful for their friendship over the years & welcome their wisdom & balance in all that they teach.

Paul & Jan Smith, Aspire Church, Levin, New Zealand

This couple have been so blessed and anointed with the gift of ushering in the manifest presence of God, whether it be in worship or teaching. Mark and Jane truly helped me understand the overwhelming love of the Father and how to surrender to his plan for our lives. While attending Mark and Jane’s home cell church I was able to experience worshipping God in Spirit and Truth at a level I never knew existed. Breakthrough and revelation was ongoing for me while I attended.They have clearly demonstrated their love and obedience to God and his plans for their lives. They have followed where he has led them in their ministry to be the hands and feet of Christ. Loyal and faithful always in bringing the love of Christ to the nations in order to expand his kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

Christie Thomson, Amherstview, Ontario, Canada

Mark and Jane are a rare gift to the body of Christ. Over the 20+ years we have had the privilege of being friends, their uncompromising commitment to Christ and determination to follow His call to any place, at any time, without conditions, has been a great witness of what “take up your cross and follow Me” actually looks like in this day and age.

Tony & Toshiko Martin, Palmerston North, New Zealand

The prophetic voice of Pastor Mark echoes in our ears, hearts and minds.  We were immensely blessed and grateful to have received him, who not only love and cared, but literally set our footing to be able to walk on water to recovery.

Patrick Leong, Head Of Worship Ministry, Grace Assembly, Malaysia

One of the highlights that impacted my life was the love feasts we shared together at Mark & Jane’s table. We would sit together and share stories of Jesus and prophecy and ministry and the partake of communion together. It built a respect and love in my heart for the different relationships each individual had with God. I grew in trust with those people and looked forward to our times together. The food was great too!

Anna Roberts, Kingston, Ontario, Canada 

With a gentle spirit Mark and Jane minister through worship and prophetic teaching. Their lives have had a wonderful impact on us, and many others in Japan through encouragement and timely words.

Jef & Aya Linscott, Onfire Japan!, Kobe, Japan

Mark Banyard is a spiritual father to me and other church planters. Mark has a gracious mix of operating in powerful gifts from heaven while at the same time being very down-to-earth. He has oceans of wisdom coupled with global missionary experience, yet he also continues to be a compassionate listener. In a multitude of ways, God enriches a multitude of lives through Mark Banyard.

Arthur Rozer, Tokyo, Japan